15 Benefits of NeckRestore™ Neck Massager

15 Benefits of NeckRestore™ Neck Massager

Do you know the Benefits of NeckRestore™ Neck Massager? If not, it is not too late. If you have neck or Shoulder Pain you need to read this.

You probably have seen a doctor and a painkiller temporarily relieved your pains but if you are looking for something permanent, and something you can carry in your bag and use whenever you need, a neck massager is just something for you. It is easy to use, easy to handle and most importantly it doesn’t cost a fortune to you.

What is a NeckRestore™ Neck Massager?

NeckRestore™ is a portable, easy to use neck and shoulder massager. The NeckRestore™ uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to simulate a real massage down your neck.

TENS Unit is the short version of Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Trans-cutaneous means something applied across the depth of the skin. In our case, it is the low electric current that mimics our nerve system and it reduces muscle pain as a simple explanation.

In today’s world, most white-collar office workers who are over 40 years old mostly complain about shoulder pain and neck pain. Even if you do exercise every day, it will not help. Pain is not only caused by immobility in the offices but also because of daily stress.

Benefits of NeckRestore™ Neck Massager

1. Natural Drug-free Pain Relief

One of the main benefits of NeckRestore™ is that it is a natural and effective form of pain relief with few or no known side effects.

A systematic review of research in 2014 found out that TENS therapy could treat acute and chronic pain.

TENS is often chosen as a treatment by those looking for a drug-free option to avoid the known negative side effects of taking pain medication.

For example, a longitudinal research project published in 2015 examined how the side effects of pain relievers can influence a patient’s daily activities.

The study demonstrated an alarming impact on a patient’s ability to perform simple tasks.

Doctors are advised to balance the impact of the drug’s side effects with pain relief before prescribing.


2. It Produces Endorphins

Another one of the benefits of the NeckRestore™ is that it produces endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain relievers. These are basically hormones that exist in the brain, which are released when the body experiences some form of stress.

Endorphins act as transmitters creating a feeling of ecstasy and well-being which in turn helps reduce pain signals.

Natural ways to release endorphins in the body include music, sex, chocolate, and group exercise.

The NHS also recognizes that a TENS unit helps produce endorphins. It is believed that electrical impulses stimulate the production of endorphins.

Research shows the importance of endorphins in pain management, which is one of the reasons why TENS is said to be effective in relieving pain.


3. Decreases Pain Signal sent to the Brain

One of the benefits of the NeckRestore™ is that it decreases the signal of pain sent to the brain.

Studies have shown that a TENS unit can help decrease or block pain signals going to the brain, providing users with the pain relief they want.

When you look at the science behind the actual operation of a TENS unit, you can see how the machine stimulates the nerves. This stimulation is thought to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.


4. Control Over the Treatment

One of the benefits of NeckRestore™ is that you have control over using this treatment.

A TENS unit gives you complete control over your treatment, unlike pain relievers where it is not always possible or feasible to simply increase or decrease the dose if it does not work.

You have a range of different settings and intensity modes to attack the pain, it is simply a matter of finding the best intensity for your needs.

When users talk about daily chronic pain, they often talk about the frustration they feel in terms of the lack of control over their pain.

User feedback suggests that TENS offers this control, helping with the psychological impacts of daily pain management.


5. NeckRestore™ retrains the Nerves

Retraining of the body nerves is one of the benefits of TENS units.

In addition to reducing pain signals sent to the brain, it is also believed that over time, a TENS device can retrain nerves, even for those with nerve damage.

Chiropractors believe that treatment done for a long time, can change the behavior of the nerve and prevent it from sending pain signals to the brain.


6. Effective for Several Conditions

Through research, a NeckRestore™ has proven to be effective for a wide range of different conditions. In particular, neck and shoulder pain, as well as various forms of arthritis.


7. Little or No Side Effects

One of the many benefits of NeckRestore™ is that it has little or no effect. This is one of the reasons why the NHS suggests TENS units for pain control. Because they turn out to have little or no side effects, they have been recommended by a lot of professionals in the treatment of pain.

Overuse side effects have been reported, however, you should always speak to a healthcare practitioner prior to starting treatment so that they can advise you on the proper use.


8. Suitable for Acute and Chronic Pain

NeckRestore™ is an effective treatment for chronic and acute pain.

Health professionals generally recommend TENS as a treatment for chronic pain, but there is still evidence that TENS can be an effective treatment for acute pain.


9. Effective Complementary Therapy

The nature of a NeckRestore™ (non-invasive, with few or no known side effects) makes it an excellent complementary therapy for more intensive treatments.

For example, a 2015 study of women with pelvic pain associated with endometriosis found that TENS was effective in treating the symptoms of the disease when used in conjunction with hormone therapy.


10. Mimics Massage

In addition to proving their effectiveness in pain relief, NeckRestore™ is also equipped with massage programs, allowing you to enjoy the effects of a relaxing massage and control your pain.


11. It is Compact

The NeckRestore™ is also small, which means they don’t take up much space in your home or purse! Other pain relievers, such as those recommended for neck, can be slightly larger.

Inversion tables or massage chairs require you to make room in your home, while a NeckRestore™ can simply be stored in a drawer.


12. Non-Invasive

A NeckRestore™ is a non-invasive way to control your pain. The electrodes fit perfectly to the neck and can be moved to attack the pain, making it a low-risk treatment option.

However, you should always talk to your healthcare professional before you start treatment.


13. It can be used at Home

One of the benefits of NeckRestore™ over other pain-relieving medications is that it can be used at home.

If you suffer from daily pain, a treatment option that you can use in the comfort of your home is certainly a desirable, and obvious advantage.

You can use your NeckRestore™ and sit comfortably in your favorite chair or even have it attached while doing your daily activities around the house.


14. NeckRestore™ is Easy to Use

One of the benefits of NeckRestore™ is that it is easy to use. Even in the stress of work, users have reported a positive experience.


15. You can use it for a Long Time

Unlike some pain relievers and invasive treatments, NeckRestore™ is a good long-term treatment option.

With few to no side effects found in the unit, it can be used as a daily treatment for as long as necessary or sporadically, depending on the nature of your pain.



Most people can safely use a TENS device, and few will experience side effects. However, it is best to speak to a doctor before trying TENS, either as an alternative treatment or in combination with other pain management methods.